Hi, I'm Cat! 


first discovered yoga 10 years ago when I was juggling studies, big life changes, and working out my place in the world. Yoga came and went in my life at the beginning, but I quickly realised that whenever I had a regular practice I would be more grounded, confident, and happier.

This lead me to India to complete my yoga teacher training course in 2016, and I became a full-time yoga teacher in 2020. 

It was only when I suffered from hormonal imbalances and lost my period for two years did I realise how important it was to dedicate time to my health and wellbeing. 

My body was stressed, and my hormones were all over the place which resulted in insomnia, digestive issues, loss of period, and fluctuating weight. 

Whenever I went to the doctors about my lack of a period, the suggestion was always to take the contraceptive pill to trigger an artificial period (?!), and not once did anyone ask me about my eating habits, exercise routine, or diet. 

I knew there was a better way 


So, I started to research ways that I could heal myself holistically, and uncover the reasons why my hormones were unbalanced.

This is how I discovered Yoga for Women's Wellbeing, and I started to use the practices to heal my relationship with my body (thus more balance to my eating and exercise habits), and  also to help regulate my nervous system to promote calm and healing.

Now, my menstrual cycle is regular, I feel connected and in sync with my body, and I am more accepting and loving towards myself.  

I am now sharing the power of yoga to other women, to promote balance and healing to our bodies through the changes of life. 


I strongly believe in the value of short but regular chunks of practice that can fit into a busy schedule. 

Consistency is where you can feel the benefits of yoga long-term. This is why I have focused on shorter, accessible classes that give you the benefits of yoga in a way that you can stick for good. This allows you to feel the benefits of a regular yoga practice in your own home, with minimal economic and time commitment but maximum results.

I’m so excited for you to see for yourself how this easy and convenient method of practicing yoga can work for you too! 

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