Hi, I'm Cat,


I use a Yoga for Women's Wellbeing approach to teach yoga that helps women balance hormones so that they can feel empowered, strong, and in sync with their body through all the stages of life.

Hi, I'm Cat,

I help women to navigate the hormonal changes experienced through the different stages of life so that they can feel empowered, strong, and in control of their bodies through short but effective yoga for women’s wellbeing practices.

Does this sound familiar?


You’re feeling unmotivated & lethargic from the winter/lockdowns 

You want to find a convenient way to achieve your health and wellbeing goals, that fits into your life rather than feeling like another thing on your to do list

You want to feel in control of the changes happening in your body due to hormonal fluctuations, and support yourself with yoga and wellbeing rather than medication 

You want to lessen the effects of ageing and menopause such as loss of muscle and bone mass by maintaining your strength and suppleness 

You want to feel in control of your pelvic floor

You want to create time for YOU, to feel more mindful, relaxed, and find more joy whilst you navigate all the changes that come with life

I've been there

For years I dabbled with a yoga practice, knowing how amazing I felt when I practiced, but for some reason unable to make it a part of my routine that actually stuck.

I knew what the long-term benefits of a yoga practice were, but they seemed out of reach - studio classes were not economically viable for me, plus I didn’t have that much time to dedicate! 

It was only when I suffered from hormonal imbalances that lead me to lose my period for 2 years that I started to realise the potential healing power of yoga. This lead me to develop my yoga teaching further, and become certified in Yoga for Women's Wellbeing.

I am now passionate about sharing the benefits of yoga to women who want to feel balanced and in control of their bodies using short but effective yoga practices.

As women, we can use yoga to support us through hormonal changes that we all experience - whether that's the menstrual cycle, an irregular cycle, or menopause. I can't wait for you to join me on this journey.

Are you ready to go from tired, lacking energy and time, to feeling empowered and in control of your body?

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What is Yoga for Women's Wellbeing?


Yoga for Women's Wellbeing is a feminine-approach to yoga that aims to give women physical and emotional balance, and promotes self acceptance through the changes of life.

 Yoga has incredible healing powers and can help balance hormones, keep weight in check, help menopause pass smoothly and maintain a healthy digestive system.


My yoga classes are based on this approach, and I offer short (under 25 min) but effective classes that allow for a consistent yoga practice that fits into a busy life.

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